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Butchertown by Eli

Butchertown was pretty cool.  First we went to a restaurant that was all earth friendly.  It was kind of weird at first but in the end I realized the place was really cool.  Then we went to the Thomas Edison house.  I can’t believe that the man who invented the lightbulb lived in this city!  That was one of the many things I learned.


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Portland by Eli

Nice to know about the history of our city and how it was developed.  The Portland Museum was cool because at one part there was a talking machine that told about her career.  At other parts there were little models of what a voice was talking about, like the locks.

When we saw the locks for real after we went to the museum, they were WAY bigger than the little “boat elevator” I’d imagined.  We’re studying the Northeast Region and the Erie Canal at school, and the smaller version of the picture made it hard to tell how big the lock was, so I thought it was small along with all locks.

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