Douglass Loop & the Highlands

I need to start off with an apology — the only neighborhoods I have been to recently are U of L’s campus and my practicum site. But I finished my graduate coursework Monday, so I’m back to neighborhood fun!

Although Tyler is out and about all over the city, one of the few places we have gone as a family in the past few weeks has been to our kids’ HYR (Highland Youth Recreation) soccer games.  This non-competitive league practices and hosts games at Atherton High School, Tyler’s alma mater.  (Yes, he is a Rebel.  Maybe that’s where he learned to challenge the status quo and think outside of the box.)  HYR is a great league, and our kids’ fantastic volunteer coaches have truly nurtured their love of the sport!

After running our kids ragged on the soccer field, we like to take them out to a local lunch. Douglass Loop is just down one hill and up another from Atherton, so we ventured there for a fine meal at Cafe Lou Lou.  (In the past we’ve chosen Twig and Leaf for diner-style eats as well.) Tyler grew up with the owners, so we have been Lou Lou fans since the original restaurant opened in Clifton. It’s a very family-friendly restaurant with excellent food – I won’t go into why I have to order the blue cheese polenta every single time I go there.  Fun art too, says the about-to-be art therapist.

From there we had a choice between Desserts by Helen or Graeter’s Ice Cream, which both boast and deliver some of the tastiest desserts in town.  Since we had Helen’s great niece with us, we strolled down to Desserts by Helen to try out Molly’s favorite:  Chocolate Surprise. Yum!!  Grown-ups grabbed a cup of coffee from Heine Brothers and we were set!  Life is good on a full stomach.

So where should we explore?  Douglass Loop garnered its name as the turn-around point of the 1912 Louisville streetcar line.  The construction of the streetcar line spurred the development of the surrounding farmland into popular neighborhoods in the 1920s.  One of my best friends in high school lived on Woodbourne, which is the namesake of the original estate dating back to the 1870s.  Maybe our family could go wander the neighborhoods?

We thought about walking down Bardstown Road and checking out the ARTCLUB for kids and other local retailers like ear X-tacy.  We could go to the Louisville Zoo, where we have enjoyed many a fine day over the past 12 years with our kids.  We could walk around Bellarmine University or play at Tyler Park.  This list doesn’t even begin to touch on what  the Highlands has to offer.

In the end, on that sunny Saturday, the kids unanimously voted to go home and play in their own backyard.  That seemed like a good idea too.  The Highlands have been around for a while and we’ll be back in the area next weekend for another game and another adventure.


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