Portland by Harcourt

It was cool learning about our history, even though I’d already been to the Portland Museum. I liked the thing where the models talked, and also I liked the scenes. One of the talking models was about how this lady’s husband, who thought he was docked on the dock (but really he wasn’t), stepped off and fell overboard and died. 😦 Also, later someone else fell off the train and she took it upon herself to jump off the train with her baby to her death. Who knew transportation could be so dangerous? But I had fun.



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2 responses to “Portland by Harcourt

  1. laura seigle

    Harcourt, I am enjoying your stories. What a wealth of information you will have! Maybe you can write a book for kids!


    Ms. Seigle

  2. Harcourt is already talking about transportation? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! LOL! Seriously, great post, I need to check out that museum myself.

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