Exploring Louisville Neighborhoods

As many of you know, Tyler is a dad as well as a mayoral candidate. Our kids are eleven, ten, and almost seven.  They are, in the esteemed opinion of an incredibly biased mother, clever, charming, and creative…but these characteristics rarely show up in public.  Our kids prefer to be at home. 

The Allen Family

Stites, Tyler, Harcourt, Chenoweth, and Eli


So I came up with an idea to engage our kids in Tyler’s campaign in an age-appropriate way: Visit neighborhoods all over the city.  Learn what makes each neighborhood special and unique.  Go to cultural centers, playgrounds, local restaurants, museums, parks, festivals, farmer’s markets.  Build an even greater appreciation within our family of Louisville as a whole.

When Tyler and I presented the idea of a tour of neighborhoods to our kids, one shouted NO!, another started crying and crawled under the couch, and the other basically said, “What’s in it for me?”  Lovely. 

Here’s our case.  What’s in it for our kids, and anyone else who is willing to join us on the journey, is an opportunity to expand their knowledge of, and appreciation for, this big beautiful city we call our home.  I’ll readily admit I don’t know much about the Parkland neighborhood, even though our kids go to school there.  I’ve only been to PRP once or twice.  What’s so great about Prospect?  Or Buechel?

I have no illusions that a single visit to a neighborhood will make me an authority, or even give us a well-rounded picture.  But I also know that if we never set foot in our neighbor’s yards, we can’t possibly begin to understand what their strengths or needs may be.

Tyler’s campaign is about becoming a SMARTER city – one which knows and builds upon its strengths, and acknowledges its weaknesses in order to work towards a better future.  It’s about inviting ALL of Louisville to join in the conversation about what we, as an entire community, want our city to be…and making that happen.

Our family, willingly or not, is going “On the Campaign Trail” to try to learn more about the city on a neighborhood level.  To become a “smarter” family.  We’ll share our experiences on this site, and hope you will send us comments and ideas of places to visit.

Please join us along the way.